Wireless Hacking Course 1.0


This is an Ethical Wireless Hacking course where you understand the basis of the culture of wireless hacking!


This course was made by the creator of WIFI WPS WPA TESTER.

The course we will cover will talk about the main wireless encryption protocols and how to recover passwords through the use of easily available techniques and tools. The course has been structured in a really simple and intuitive way, in fact you only need a few basic knowledge to be able to follow it and carry out the attacks successfully. This course will be structured in video lessons where you will learn how to test the vulnerabilities of the most commonly used wireless networks.

In the course you will be directed step by step to the exploitation of the various vulnerabilities - which we will discuss - and to the passwords recovery.

To follow the course you need a Personal Computer with at least 3gb of RAM and 40gb of Free Storage.
Windows/MacOS/Linux OS are supported because virtualbox is used.
In the course you will be redirected to buy an external wireless card that is needed to performs labs inside the course.

When the purchase is made, we will send to your in at maximum time of 24h the link to download the course.

You can also find the link to download the course in your account under 'Order History and Details' section.

An example of a laboratory : WEP LAB

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